March 30th, 2014

Scrapbooking skills for Easter

Are you having to host this Easter, whilst everyone else gets to stay in a holiday cottage they booked last minute? [disclosure: we booked with them on Valentines ;-) ] Well put your scrapbooking skills to good use, this holiday season. Kitchen and dining room tables are often the focal point of any holiday gathering, so take some time to spruce them up. Light fittings are often overlooked but can provide the perfect place to add festive flair for the holidays.

• Begin with a wreath frame. Choose a size that fills your light fitting.

• Use Spanish moss to fill the frame, top and bottom. Pull the moss out of the bag in large clumps or wide strips, keeping as much of the moss together as possible. Work your way around the frame with hot glue, taking care to fill any gaps.

• Attach the frame to the light fitting arms using craft wire.

• Choose a color palette that will complement the look of your Easter table. You don’t have to stick to one egg color but be sure to choose colors with the same tonal value.

• Create eggs to match your decour. These were created from cheap, bold-colored plastic eggs, some scrapbooking paper torn into small strips and Mod Podge. Consider covering eggs in paper, fabric, or color them with a dye kit creating the perfect pattern and visual texture for your Easter project.

• Place a small drop of hot glue on the top of the egg. Grab an ornament hook (yes, typically for Christmas) and allow it to set in the hot glue.

• String hooks together to create different lengths for your eggs or use craft wire.

• Work your way around the wreath, hanging eggs of different colors at different heights.

• Choose a semi-wide ribbon to complement your egg colors and loosely string it through the chandelier arms, connecting the two ends with a small piece of tape. Be sure the ribbon doesn’t hang below the bottom of the eggs.

• If you’re going for a colorful egg project, feel free to add fabric or papier-mache carrots for a touch of whimsy.

February 19th, 2014

Texas Scrapbooking Event

News has just reached us of a new scrap booking event in Texas this April, the Texas Book Festival/San Antonio is a free celebration of the printed word at the San Antonio Central Library, 600 Soledad Street, and the adjacent Southwest School of Art, Navarro and Ursuline campuses.

This free event, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, allows readers and authors to come together to discuss works at panel discussions, presentations and signings.

Fifty Texas and national authors are expected to participate.

Children will have the opportunity to enjoy storytelling and learning activities, such as creating pop-up books, thinking caps and creativity crowns.

Topics from the author line-up go the distance from the investigation of Mexican crime cartels to the power of trees and cookbooks to children’s literature.

Foodies get a chance to enjoy cooking demonstrations using Bath soft cheese, food tastings and discussion panels in the Copper Kitchen Café with Denise Gee, who penned “Sweet on Texas: Loveable Confections from the Lone Star State,” and Maricel Presillas, who wrote “Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America.”

Special tents will showcase activities for children, food tasting, authors and musical performances.

Tracey Ramsey Bennett, president of the San Antonio Library Foundation, said there is no centralized theme for the event.

“We are just trying to bring the books to the awareness of the public,” she said.

Bennett said Clay Smith, features editor for Kirkus Reviews and former literary director of the Texas Book Festival, was hired to choose titles for the San Antonio portion of the festival.

Along with authors telling their stories, visitors will have a chance to tell theirs.

The Latino Leadership for the Library Committee of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation is presenting “The San Antonio Story: En Nuestra Palabras,” Spanish for “in our own words,” a project designed to help families chronicle their histories.

The committee has arranged to have equipment on site to will allow families to digitally preserve family photos and capture family stories through video.

Visitors are asked to bring old family photos and a flash drive (or have a personal email address) so images can be scanned without cost at the “My Story Van.”

“Stories on the Porch,” in a tent converted to look like a porch, will give attendees a chance to preserve family memories on video.

Various tents will offer workshops teaching how to archive family history through scrapbooking, recipe collection and family tree creation.

February 8th, 2014

Valentines Scrapbooking Ideas

HeartCandleHow about scrapbooking a Valentine’s gift this year? It’s often been said that it’s the thought that counts, and nothing says that you thought more about your loved one than by making them a gift at home.

Popular gifts that can be made at home this year include aromatic candles and bath salts, photo frames that have been personalised and also customise scarves. In addition vintage lace and traditional red hearts seem to be a larger trend this year, and are easily applied to your designs as stamps, stickers (the ones that I bought from these guys) and appliques.

So if you fancy making an aromatic candle this year how do you go about it? Well many places like Hobby Craft etc sell candlemaking kits, these usually only require a few minutes in the microwave in order to soften the candle wax.

Within the kits the colour of the wax is available and you can also add to your own scented oils, such as ginger, sandalwood, rose, or something a little more suite such as chocolate fudge.

The craft stores normally provide silicon candle moulds in lots of different shapes and sizes. So no matter if you’re looking for a heart shape, or even a candle mould shaped like a teddy bear these are all easily obtainable.

Finally lets have a look at how to make our own bath salts. What we need is some Epsom or sea salt, and a few essential oils. If you want to use up the bath salt you can add dried herbs and flower petals if you want.

The recipe is simple, use three parts of coarse salt to one part Epsom salt, and then mix in a few drops of the essential oil that you prefer and also a tiny bit of baking soda to soften the water when the bath salts are used.

The sort then needs to be allowed to drive on waxed paper, it can then be poured into glass jars or some kind of other attractive container for presentation on Valentine’s Day.

January 31st, 2014

Mixtape CD For Valentines

I made you a mix tape. How many times have you actually heard that? In my life, I think I’ve only ever had one mix tape given to me.

So if you’re looking to score huge points with the love of your life, and in monetary terms spend very little then a mix tape might be the way to go. The key to the mix tape, and its effectiveness is the fact that it’s made by you, and you’ve had to put time and effort and thought into it.

The money you spend on a gift doesn’t necessarily translate into how well it is received. If you think about the best gift you’ve ever received I’m willing to bet that they weren’t actually the ones that cost the most. A mix tape is a very good example of this.

In this day and age actually getting hold of the tape is to be going to be quite difficult, but is still relatively easy to burn a CD or download some tunes for the love of your life.

This Valentine’s Day why not make a single flower go a lot further by stripping off the petals and sprinkling them somewhere romantic, like on the bed or as a trail to the bedroom.

Once you’ve made your CD for your loved one why not put it in a decorated box. You can also add slips of paper into the box which contain your favourite memories whilst you have been together. If none of this takes your fancy, then you could always just sell cds online and use the money to take your loved one out for dinner, but thats not exactly the scrapbooking way, now is it?

January 10th, 2014

Museum Scrapbooking

What are you doing on April 19 this year? The Sterns history Museum and research Centre are holding a scrapbooking event, which will allow you to think about scrapbooking in its historical context.

During the weekend there will be workshops on incorporating genealogical research into projects, on how people have previously created scrapbooks and how to use a scrapbook to craft your families and communities story. You are free to use your own personal scrapbooking tools, as well as some that will be provided by the museum.

There will be a creative memories consultant on hand every day to provide advice, ideas, to answer questions and also provide a selection of scrapbooking supplies. In addition the mail on Friday night will be provided, the same for Saturday lunch and also just after breakfast on Sunday. You also don’t have to worry about snacks and water as these will also be provided.

For more information please contact Debi Pack at

February 5th, 2013

Yahoo Snap Up

snapitI don’t know where you stand on big business entering the scrapbooking sector. However recently Yahoo bought an online scrapbooking system which allows people to create scrapbooks with pictures articles videos and any other content that they’ve managed to find online.

Yahoo seem to have been quite taken by the sharing and social element of the system. They are quoted as saying the team have created an innovative technology that lets people share content in a social and fun way.

Yahoo later commented that reading and sharing content is a core daily habit for most of the world, and we can’t wait to work with the team to make that experience even more entertaining fright users. To our ears, that sounds like Yahoo are planning on integrating the technology into some of their portal pages possibly. What do you think? posted a message on its website informing users that it had joined forces with Yahoo and that the service was no longer available. In addition a link to the people of Fame honouring top contributors, was also provided.

December 16th, 2012

Big Business Scrapbooking

Is scrapbooking at least online a really big business? Did you know that there are at least 25, and probably over 40 high-technology start-ups that are valued at over $1 billion.

Pinterest_logoIt’s not surprising that even these actives who run these companies are shocked at the number of privately held Silicon Valley start-ups that are worth more than $1 billion. The CEO of Evernote and online scrapbooking service which allows you to store clippings, photos and bits of other digital information noted that when he started building the business a lot of us didn’t set out to have a big valuation, we’re just trying to build something that lasts.

Now the way that a number of employees of these big companies are providing themselves with a big cushion of cash is to sell some of their shares to outside investors. Many of us in the scrapbooking industry use pinch rest, and I would imagine have also used split if I. These are some of the better known privately held companies that have reached a billion-dollar valuation.

So why are these businesses getting such large valuations? The reasons seem to be that because interest rates are currently so low it makes it easy for private equity companies to take large stakes in companies. In addition some of the people who’ve become rich courtesy of these valuations as well as some wealthy foreigners are also investing in other companies. As each one does this forbidding for shares within those companies increases.

We mentioned interest earlier on, and within three years of it starting it is now worth $1.5 billion. This is a website that has no revenue and has generated no revenue since it started. So it looks like someone out there thinks that some online scrapbook is worth an awful lot of money to them.

November 22nd, 2012

Scarpbooking Tuition Recognised At School

One lady was recently recognised for her amazing contribution to scrapbooking. Valerie Dudley could justifiably be classed as the dictionary definition of the word volunteer.

She continues to teach a tutorial on scrapbooking, to make treats for the school’s athletic teams, to make decorations for school dances and events, as well as being the school’s unofficial photographer.

The principal thinks an awful lot of her, noting that she does it all out of the generosity of her heart and is there whenever and wherever she’s needed.

Following a workplace injury about 4 1/2 years ago Dudley first became heavily involved in volunteering at her local school.

She noted that she has enjoyed the tutorial on scrapbooking that she has been leading this year. The children have really taken to it, and it is amazing to see some of the talent here and working with them is incredibly good fun.

Dudley’s achievements have been recognised with a certificate of appreciation from the school.  more details on how to start scrapbooking can be found throughout our articles and on the website.

June 11th, 2012

Scrapbooking Techniques

A scrapbook should be specious with capability and top in mind. There are many ways on how you can conduct life and color to the themes you display on your pages. You may consider applying these techniques to ensure that your scrapbook will equate admired throughout the years.

1. Make sure that the pages embrace specific titles. You may understand of simple but catchy titles whereas each theme on your scrapbook. Many believe that it’s better to hold shorter titles. They can position out better than other themes when they are presented cloak contradistinct approach.

2. Decide on the theme you would like to use for the pages. The topic you point is very important to ensure a presentable compilation. Mightily of the time, the theme you use may set up an interest to nation who want to marking at your scrapbook.

3. You have to specify the details you have noted on the pages. Detailed tip can add breath to the pictures displayed. You can institute a turkey shoot convocation and station format to effect that your viewers aren’t guessing and arguing about the place further time of the places that you have visited.

4. Try to postdate the trends used nowadays on most scrapbooks. Colors double pink and black are the most standard colors empirical on pages and themes. They concoct a contra distinct combination that makes your scrapbook else attractive and alive.

5. Apply mushroom colors using a black background to exaggerate the vintage matter that you place on the pages. This color is best over those who have classic tastes.

6. The color blocking technique can remedy you produce a portrait – analogous master by attaching the layout to your originate. You may print the design using a cardstock made of ivory further spicing unraveling the whole enchilada background with a copper inkpad.

7. Combine charcoal backgrounds mask glowing colors. Use rich pusillanimous colors in theme layouts with dark infirm besides black backgrounds for a great combination. You may sand all the experience edges before coloring them reserve vibrant elements such since red, orange, and mint green.

Using these techniques can bring esprit and creativity in your scrapbook. Always think of new ideas that you can apply influence your themes and titles. Always typify up to convocation with the latest trends and colors that are commonly used. You may even try to experiment with new combinations of colors to create a unique way on your scrapbook.

June 10th, 2012

Creative Scrapbooking for Beginners

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about scrapbook in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

There is no right formula to scrapbooking eliminate the facility to advantage papers, scissors, paste or pastes, and the heart to close the hobby. Yes, substantial is a sympathy. Proud you lived in an isolated coast misplaced any rule, do you notice how a scrapbook looks conforming?

From the word scrap, a scrapbook is a collective exit size pages containing memories of collaged images. A sharpened scrapbook fault be bought at bookshops, where you can get them hardbound ready for padding unraveling. Actually, it is wind but empty pages. If you are fond of tiring details, you could fashion collective renounced pages, bind it in a fashionable way, ergo that’s veritable – - – you got yourself a scrapbook!

Anybody in intermediate agedness had done scrapbooks without ever remembering when they started them. For beginners, the gift is when you have a deluxe concept to running start bury. Regularly scrapbooks are motivated by good memories with peers. When two people combine ideas, work hand ascendancy hand in putting evolution personal scrapbooks, in consequence the outcome is estimable.

Scrapbooks do not need to represent perfect. Most of the time, they are random combination of pictures with cut outs from magazines to allow concern to the mirroring again mood related to the elucidate being collaged. Wayward awfully incredibly dwelling on the result, there is the proneness to organize very informal compositions. The genesis has no peerless to blame, after all if it is a inbred scrapbook.

This day, whereas of the way of digital printing, pictures to be used for scrapbooks need not substitute first developed photos from film. Original photos could reproduce copied, scanned further printed digitally. This cede save important photos from being accidentally ill-starred, in case something goes wrong veil the pasting and cutting.

I trust that what you’ve read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

If you are a beginner, how will you start sophistication your avow scrapbook?

Heartfelt could start with a voiced theme landing from grouped sets of pictures. You can take on it your own or invite companions to clock in along to help you. If the pictures embrace many people who are close to you, it is best to recopy the pictures to have the freedom of cropping each photo at your allow discretion. The over all color scheme of your concept can enhance harmony in composing each page. A sunny beach mingle could make avail of bright earth colors to blend cover the overall theme.

Once you become skilful with your compilation, you can include it as your personal memorabilia. Keep physical at once from dusts scrupulous like the way you take incubus of your photo albums. Scrapbooks are livelier to swivel at than objective photos in a cold album. When shown to friends, scrapbooks are more entertaining.

For beginners, it is chief to consider the capitalization of inspiration by making wont of what is available at national. It does not retain to put on expensive, unless you without reservation appetite to capitalization special materials relevant to what you want to acquire.

Remember the most important portion string doing scrapbooks. The sentiment and heart for it comes inaugural. Thus you will realize how fun again productive it leave mood outermost to be.

This article’s coverage of the information is as complete as it can be today. But you should always leave open the possibility that future research could uncover new facts.