February 8th, 2014

Valentines Scrapbooking Ideas

HeartCandleHow about scrapbooking a Valentine’s gift this year? It’s often been said that it’s the thought that counts, and nothing says that you thought more about your loved one than by making them a gift at home.

Popular gifts that can be made at home this year include aromatic candles and bath salts, photo frames that have been personalised and also customise scarves. In addition vintage lace and traditional red hearts seem to be a larger trend this year, and are easily applied to your designs as stamps, stickers (the ones that I bought from these guys) and appliques.

So if you fancy making an aromatic candle this year how do you go about it? Well many places like Hobby Craft etc sell candlemaking kits, these usually only require a few minutes in the microwave in order to soften the candle wax.

Within the kits the colour of the wax is available and you can also add to your own scented oils, such as ginger, sandalwood, rose, or something a little more suite such as chocolate fudge.

The craft stores normally provide silicon candle moulds in lots of different shapes and sizes. So no matter if you’re looking for a heart shape, or even a candle mould shaped like a teddy bear these are all easily obtainable.

Finally lets have a look at how to make our own bath salts. What we need is some Epsom or sea salt, and a few essential oils. If you want to use up the bath salt you can add dried herbs and flower petals if you want.

The recipe is simple, use three parts of coarse salt to one part Epsom salt, and then mix in a few drops of the essential oil that you prefer and also a tiny bit of baking soda to soften the water when the bath salts are used.

The sort then needs to be allowed to drive on waxed paper, it can then be poured into glass jars or some kind of other attractive container for presentation on Valentine’s Day.

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